Monday, November 3

Building Height - A Historical Map of the City

The tall buildings in Tel Aviv are located randomly. They don't necessarily occur at major intersections, near large public open spaces, or along the major avenues. Was the city planned? The answer is yes, and each tall building is an exception to the planning rules. What do they all have in common? They are the second or third building on existing large lots that were originally excluded from the residential fabric. Each has its own story, and I will cover many of them here. It all starts with the Shalom Tower


אמילי סילברמן said...

what does the 'second or third building on the large lot' mean? Sounds very intriguing!

Charles Yawitz said...

In the Shalom Tower example, the first building was Gymnasia Herzliya. Most of the other sites that now contain high buildings originally had non-residential uses. One of the most recent, the Neve Tzedek tower, was the site of the Nehushtan elevator factory.