Thursday, February 4

Rebuilding Herzl Street

Well, the verdict is in on the landmark buildings on the Rehovot site. We presented our review of the architectural, social, and historical value of each of the four buildings on the site, and the preservation committee accepted three of our four recommendations. We recommended tearing down three of the buildings and preserving the northernmost building which was, by all accounts the first store in the young city. In its current state, its not much to look at (right), but the new development planned for the four lots will generate enough profit to restore it, either as a functioning store, or as an exhibit dedicated to the early history of Rehovot.

We recommended demolition of the remaining three buildings on the site, having failed to find either historical or architectural distinction that merited preservation. The committee disagreed, however and decided to preserve a second building, this one dating from the 1930's.
Perhaps it was because of this dramatic photograph (left) that we submitted as part of our official report. This is definitely the structure's "good side" and after a short discussion, it was decided to give this building the benefit of the doubt.

Now the decisions are official, and our design of the development around, beneath, and possibly above these landmarks can begin.

Lets hope they clean up well.

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